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Just news

He is already back

He is already back from helping his friends family. I was pleasantly surprised to see how his thinking went.

The back of our truck is packed. He said that instead of taking it to the transfer station and paying a huge fee he is going to recycle the contents except for the 2 cans of real garbage. He said he will add the garbage to ours- in fact, they can take it next week when we won’t have any since we won’t be here.

I am proud of him and his friends for helping her and am proud of him for saving the money- he is trying to fix the truck starter.

Take care!

Just news

Dave the Botanist

Hey Dave! (said in a Cheech and Chong kinda drawl….)

So glad you found your way over here, I always enjoy your soulful, clever and sometimes irreverent posts!

I too am very grateful to Terri for taking over the moderator job so that we can all still have a home here. (THANKS TERRI!!!!) I do worry about Haley and hope that if anyone has her email address, that they can let her know where we all are. (She went no-mail for the summer) But then again, she may find us since Terri cleverly kept the name close to the original.

Well said- we have each other. We just moved to a new house in the same neighborhood. Dare i call it a frat house with a new house mom? AS long as I have my friends I am okay and still sane. My kids are busy playing cookie monster (the oldest 2) with the oldest boy screaming “let me go!” over and over. The youngest just shakes his head and goes about his business. I have a mystery shop today in a city a couple cities away so we will take advantage of being in that big place and see what the thrift stores have to offer- I am hoping to find tops for the boys for school. This will at least give them a feeling of choice.

DH is helping (along with 2 work buddies) the wife of a friend. The friend is in the hospital- still in serious condition but holding on. He had a brain bleed and it became a clot.

Take care!