Month: May 2017

Saving plan

Well I got our bill today

Well I got our bill today, not as bad as I thought it would be, until I read the fine print, in two months our gas usage dropped 29.8% and the electric 18% BUT the bill has gone up 48%.

This is all from deregulation that suppose to save us money-lol-not really. I’ve made a clothesline, limit tv, computer etc. use 1 fan and we are burning candles and only using the hall light on a dimmer for night time.

Oh, I have been cooking all our meals on the bbq. Not sure what else to do. I turned our water heater down again to 100.

The past two days it’s been 95-100 outside so I’ve taken the kids and gone to all the stores we never go to and didn’t buy anything except 2 honeysuckle plants Target had on clearance for $1.50 Any one with any idea’s on how to cut more? In one month the price for a killowatt has gone from 6 cents to 13.4 cents.