Month: June 2017

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That was a great post

I will file it away. It saddened me when my dd started school she started a catholic middle school.She went for two years. The math teacher wrote her glowing recommendations and she was admitted into public high school honor math classes. My dd did not have a whole lot of confidence in a school setting and the honors teacher was nasty! Her goal seemed to be to weed out loads of kids instead of helping them learn like they do in colleges.

My dd never has been able to do her best with teachers she didn’t like plus hormones really hit her hard at this time. She got depressed and I had to get a statement from her Catholic school that she really had completed the Algebra 1 book. Come to find out that the algebra teacher had only covered half of the required algebra book and she was place in non honors algebra. From honors geometry back to algebra.

It did things to my dd self esteem. She developed a real hatred for math and a lack of confidence in doing it. Needless to say her college major does not involve math.