Month: November 2018

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3 Money Saving Things to Do with Empty Tuna Fish Cans

saving with tuna cans

One of the best ways to save money around the house is to find creative ways to reuse items that would normally go in the trash.

It is also good for the environment.

Tuna lovers accumulate a large number of those short, round tuna fish cans.

Usually, you would just throw them out or recycle them. But these tuna fish cans can lead to saving money.

Below are three money-saving things you can do with empty tuna fish cans.

Before you try any of these creative tuna fish can crafts, be sure to wash the can out thoroughly. If the can still smell fishy after a soap and water bath, use some lemon juice and baking soda to scrub them well. Also be careful about the potential for sharp edges where the can lid was removed. Sand these with a file to make them smooth.

1) Biscuit and Cookie Cutters

An ordinary storebought biscuit or cookie cutter can be anywhere from two to five dollars. Why not use an empty tuna fish can? They are the perfect shape and size for large cookies and fluffy buttermilk biscuits.

2) Candles and Cook Stoves

Tuna fish cans make wonderful candle holders. You can put a votive candle inside one, or slip the can over the end of a wider pillar candle.

If you want to get fancy, decorate the tuna fish can with a ribbon or some glued on beads. Use a taper candle and slide a glass hurricane lamp into the tuna fish can.

Candle holders are often over ten dollars in home stores.

If you go camping, tuna fish cans can make excellent miniature cookstoves. C

ut a long strip of cardstock paper and curl it into the tuna fish can. Pull the inside end up in the middle to make a wick. Then pour on melted wax or stereo.

Store this carefully. Light the wick for some convenient light and heat.

3) Craft Gifts

There is a wide variety of craft ideas you can make with empty tuna fish cans.

Fill with styrofoam or floral foam and stick some flowers into it for a pick-me-up bouquet.

Fill with foam and cover with a scrap of cloth for a quick pincushion to give to your favorite sewer.

Empty tuna fish cans can even be decorated with ribbons, beads, or even paper cut-outs for a pretty jewelry or candy dish.