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Saving plan

3 Money Saving Things to Do with Empty Tuna Fish Cans

saving with tuna cans

One of the best ways to save money around the house is to find creative ways to reuse items that would normally go in the trash.

It is also good for the environment.

Tuna lovers accumulate a large number of those short, round tuna fish cans.

Usually, you would just throw them out or recycle them. But these tuna fish cans can lead to saving money.

Below are three money-saving things you can do with empty tuna fish cans.

Before you try any of these creative tuna fish can crafts, be sure to wash the can out thoroughly. If the can still smell fishy after a soap and water bath, use some lemon juice and baking soda to scrub them well. Also be careful about the potential for sharp edges where the can lid was removed. Sand these with a file to make them smooth.

1) Biscuit and Cookie Cutters

An ordinary storebought biscuit or cookie cutter can be anywhere from two to five dollars. Why not use an empty tuna fish can? They are the perfect shape and size for large cookies and fluffy buttermilk biscuits.

2) Candles and Cook Stoves

Tuna fish cans make wonderful candle holders. You can put a votive candle inside one, or slip the can over the end of a wider pillar candle.

If you want to get fancy, decorate the tuna fish can with a ribbon or some glued on beads. Use a taper candle and slide a glass hurricane lamp into the tuna fish can.

Candle holders are often over ten dollars in home stores.

If you go camping, tuna fish cans can make excellent miniature cookstoves. C

ut a long strip of cardstock paper and curl it into the tuna fish can. Pull the inside end up in the middle to make a wick. Then pour on melted wax or stereo.

Store this carefully. Light the wick for some convenient light and heat.

3) Craft Gifts

There is a wide variety of craft ideas you can make with empty tuna fish cans.

Fill with styrofoam or floral foam and stick some flowers into it for a pick-me-up bouquet.

Fill with foam and cover with a scrap of cloth for a quick pincushion to give to your favorite sewer.

Empty tuna fish cans can even be decorated with ribbons, beads, or even paper cut-outs for a pretty jewelry or candy dish.

My story

I am so excited

Well, I got two great deals in the last 24 hours !!

today i got a free Ultrasound – not free in the way my insurance paid for it but totally- non billable free – I decided to enroll in an early screening study that is going on at a huge medial university near us- i got a high tech US done that will measure certain things and determine my risks for downs syndrome etc – at a 90% rate as compared to the AFP study which is only 60% rate ( and has been wrong for me before anyway – so i really don’t pay attention to these results) i just thought it was a neat thing to do as it is non invasive and no risks and i got to see the baby too LOL!! ( oh and so i don’t get letters no matter what the results show i plan to go to term – i am just a “preparer” type of person who likes to read up on things if there was a problem ) Yesterday I got a brand new- still in the box with all the wrappings etc – up to all safety standards ( i called and ck’d) fisher price crib for only 35$.

YIPPEE Its nicer than the one I had for the first 4 kids LOL!! DH is on the board of a WOAR ( woman organized against rape) facility near us- he is friendly with the woman who actually opened the first WOAR home etc- well due to her older age and lack of funding they need to close it down – she is selling all that is in the home gave the board members and their families first choice then is donating the rest to good will as they have to clear out the house so it can be sold- when all is done the $ raised will be distributed to charities/ woman shelters etc.

they had so much stuff i was amazed – anyway some one had once donated the crib several years ago and it was never used as they had several portable playpens the woman could use and seemed to like better – so i got a great deal and will help a charity too in the long run : )

Rude kids

As an aside to this

I am a leader in our church’s high school youth group. When we go places where there is a speaker, or if we have a speaker come in, or even for our own leaders, we expect our kids to be generally respectful to whomever is speaking. And, for the most part, they are. A year ago, I went to my first Women’s Group function at our church.

It was a Christmas party-type get-together. We had a brunch, played a couple of games, and then one of the ladies from the church got up and spoke for about 20 minutes.

Frankly, I was appalled. On their worst day, our teenagers are better behaved than this group of women were. They all talked to each other throughout the speaking! And, not really whispering, either. LOL It made me very proud of the group of kids that we are helping to raise. 🙂

Just news

That was a great post

I will file it away. It saddened me when my dd started school she started a catholic middle school.She went for two years. The math teacher wrote her glowing recommendations and she was admitted into public high school honor math classes. My dd did not have a whole lot of confidence in a school setting and the honors teacher was nasty! Her goal seemed to be to weed out loads of kids instead of helping them learn like they do in colleges.

My dd never has been able to do her best with teachers she didn’t like plus hormones really hit her hard at this time. She got depressed and I had to get a statement from her Catholic school that she really had completed the Algebra 1 book. Come to find out that the algebra teacher had only covered half of the required algebra book and she was place in non honors algebra. From honors geometry back to algebra.

It did things to my dd self esteem. She developed a real hatred for math and a lack of confidence in doing it. Needless to say her college major does not involve math.

Saving plan

Well I got our bill today

Well I got our bill today, not as bad as I thought it would be, until I read the fine print, in two months our gas usage dropped 29.8% and the electric 18% BUT the bill has gone up 48%.

This is all from deregulation that suppose to save us money-lol-not really. I’ve made a clothesline, limit tv, computer etc. use 1 fan and we are burning candles and only using the hall light on a dimmer for night time.

Oh, I have been cooking all our meals on the bbq. Not sure what else to do. I turned our water heater down again to 100.

The past two days it’s been 95-100 outside so I’ve taken the kids and gone to all the stores we never go to and didn’t buy anything except 2 honeysuckle plants Target had on clearance for $1.50 Any one with any idea’s on how to cut more? In one month the price for a killowatt has gone from 6 cents to 13.4 cents.


I don’t know of any frugal source for the bags

We buy ours at Costco in a pkg. of 4 (2 wide & 2 narrow) for nearly $40 Cdn. I do wash and reuse the bags unless they’ve had meat in them. When I freeze meat, I divide it into servings large enough for the two of us and bag them in cheap plastic bags and then foodsaver all of the small packages into one bag.

I don’t seem to use as much of the foodsaver roll that way. When I foodsaver non-meat stuff I always make sure the bags are extra long. When I first got my foodsaver I wasted a lot of bags by making them just the right size and then they weren’t big enough for anything else.

Here is the video:

IMO even if the bags cost a lot we save by having food keep fresh longer – especially just for the two of us. We can buy large quantities when things are on sale and not worry about it going bad before we eat it.

Gardening tips

Unless you are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime chance

Ahh you are so right…unless you are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime chance. There have been 20 azalea bushes surrounding the flagpole in the middle of “the Circle” at Ole Miss since Jesus was a baby. Really they are at least 40 or 50 years old. They are tearing up the concrete and brick there to put in some fancier brickwork, and–alas–the azaleas had to go.

They were being given or thrown away, so my DH got dibs on them. We came home with 16!! 2 have gone to a friend, and 2 more are promised to another.

We have only gotten 5 into their new places so far, and the rest are happily drowning in a water-filled trench until we can squeeze that 25th hour in somewhere.

If you can, wait until early winter, but if not, try root pruning a month or more before moving day. Also water water water for a few days prior. Move in the evening, and be prepared to lose a few.

Gardening tips

Some antique roses are more subject to transplant shock than others

Some antique roses are more subject to transplant shock than others. A Yellow Rose of Texas has very little in the way of shock, Cecil Brunner and her twin – one is white, the other’s magenta both suffer rather bad transplant shock ( though seeming to up and die is a bit extreme ), and then the hardy nearly-wild roses suffer no transplant shock at all – I transplanted them from a cemetery ( last occupant in died in 1810, hasn’t been cared for in about a century ) to our yard and 3 years later the plant’s 20 times bigger than the little sprig I brought home and blossoms *ferociously*! 😀 Now, my first bit of advice is DO NOT touch the C. Brunner rose – continue watering and feeding it as though it were it’s usual green and healthy self. Trust me. They are very expensive though. I even had to apply for no credit check payday loan from WithNoteletrack to afford them. But it was indeed a good decision.

It may take several weeks, even a couple of moths, but you should see a shoot or two, since the root ball is probably not dead. The plant, if taken care of as you would usually take care of your rose, should have new growth to the extent that the plant will be bigger than before or at the very least look as though nothing ever happened. Now would also be a good time to prune, since those upper branches are dead, and spread 2″ of manure across the entire area where you put the plant. In future, when transplanting, *always* have a large quantity of very wet newspaper sprinkled *very lightly* with rootone to put the plant’s root ball in and a twisty-tie or two to secure the newspaper around the root ball with.

Also, *always* have the hole it will go to already dug. *ALWAYS* lift by the root ball, not by the branches, that will put undue strain on even the most hardy plants. DO NOT enrich the soil only in the hole you’ve dug which is “just barely” big enough for your rose bush – dig a hole 5 times bigger than the plant’s root ball needs, and enrich the soil 50/50 with your existing soil – as in 50% compost 50% your soil – in that whole big pit. This will encourage healthy root growth and limit the amount the roots “brick wall” at the edge of the hole.

Water VERY well for the first week after transplanting, and make sure the hole the plant is going into is already wet before the plant gets in there. Anyway, enough of my lecture – just don’t give up on that C. Brunner just yet; she’s a tough old broad and can handle just about anything! Even if she *looks* dead, she might not be yet. 😀

Gardening tips

Ok here’s what you did wrong

Ok here’s what you did wrong (like you don’t already know it). Never never never transplant in the summer. Transplantation errrr (to use a dangerous analogy) is like closing a listserv and starting a new one – stressful to say the least, same in a plant particularly one that just had surgery (pruning). So I would get some rose branches in mayonnaise jars and hope for the best. You could kick start it with Rootone (hormone product) or put honey on the roots (said to work).

Do you have a dog? Well if not rent one. Take pup for a walk, with plastic bag in your jeans. When you see someone outside that has something pretty, go talk to them. Say, that is beautiful, could I have some, batting your eyes with anticipation. Most people, particularly those who love plants are generous. Once in a while you’ll meet Crabby Appleton – shake the dust from your shoes (utter venous oaths under your breath and move on.

Dave the botanist commending you for perennials – oh how I hate manicured lawns and trimmed bushes. I was going to trim mine to look like a whale – then bring in a pipe like a spout. Too much work – I went woodchuck hunting instead.

Frugal recipes

Recipes using Tofu

Yesterday I got a package of tofu. I am by myself (except for a dog, four cats, countless bugs, birds and probably quite a few mice) and I have been curious about what tofu tastes like.

Since it is only me, I figured I would try it, but I don’t know how to fix it. I know that it can be frozen but can it be cooked, frozen and used again? I need a somewhat simple recipe please. Also got a few zucchini.

I’m posting this much earlier than I usually post, so that I can get some ideas from you for me to fix tonight. Thank you.

Now I have to get off the computer and go pick the last of the pie (sour) cherries.