My story

I am so excited

Well, I got two great deals in the last 24 hours !!

today i got a free Ultrasound – not free in the way my insurance paid for it but totally- non billable free – I decided to enroll in an early screening study that is going on at a huge medial university near us- i got a high tech US done that will measure certain things and determine my risks for downs syndrome etc – at a 90% rate as compared to the AFP study which is only 60% rate ( and has been wrong for me before anyway – so i really don’t pay attention to these results) i just thought it was a neat thing to do as it is non invasive and no risks and i got to see the baby too LOL!! ( oh and so i don’t get letters no matter what the results show i plan to go to term – i am just a “preparer” type of person who likes to read up on things if there was a problem ) Yesterday I got a brand new- still in the box with all the wrappings etc – up to all safety standards ( i called and ck’d) fisher price crib for only 35$.

YIPPEE Its nicer than the one I had for the first 4 kids LOL!! DH is on the board of a WOAR ( woman organized against rape) facility near us- he is friendly with the woman who actually opened the first WOAR home etc- well due to her older age and lack of funding they need to close it down – she is selling all that is in the home gave the board members and their families first choice then is donating the rest to good will as they have to clear out the house so it can be sold- when all is done the $ raised will be distributed to charities/ woman shelters etc.

they had so much stuff i was amazed – anyway some one had once donated the crib several years ago and it was never used as they had several portable playpens the woman could use and seemed to like better – so i got a great deal and will help a charity too in the long run : )