I don’t know of any frugal source for the bags

We buy ours at Costco in a pkg. of 4 (2 wide & 2 narrow) for nearly $40 Cdn. I do wash and reuse the bags unless they’ve had meat in them. When I freeze meat, I divide it into servings large enough for the two of us and bag them in cheap plastic bags and then foodsaver all of the small packages into one bag.

I don’t seem to use as much of the foodsaver roll that way. When I foodsaver non-meat stuff I always make sure the bags are extra long. When I first got my foodsaver I wasted a lot of bags by making them just the right size and then they weren’t big enough for anything else.

Here is the video:

IMO even if the bags cost a lot we save by having food keep fresh longer – especially just for the two of us. We can buy large quantities when things are on sale and not worry about it going bad before we eat it.