Gardening tips

Ok here’s what you did wrong

Ok here’s what you did wrong (like you don’t already know it). Never never never transplant in the summer. Transplantation errrr (to use a dangerous analogy) is like closing a listserv and starting a new one – stressful to say the least, same in a plant particularly one that just had surgery (pruning). So I would get some rose branches in mayonnaise jars and hope for the best. You could kick start it with Rootone (hormone product) or put honey on the roots (said to work).

Do you have a dog? Well if not rent one. Take pup for a walk, with plastic bag in your jeans. When you see someone outside that has something pretty, go talk to them. Say, that is beautiful, could I have some, batting your eyes with anticipation. Most people, particularly those who love plants are generous. Once in a while you’ll meet Crabby Appleton – shake the dust from your shoes (utter venous oaths under your breath and move on.

Dave the botanist commending you for perennials – oh how I hate manicured lawns and trimmed bushes. I was going to trim mine to look like a whale – then bring in a pipe like a spout. Too much work – I went woodchuck hunting instead.