More back to school

Well i have been doing some more back to school shopping (you all must think i am a shop- a holic- LOL!!) actually i just want to get as much as i can get done before mid month as we start paying tuition this month

so yesterday i got the kids sneaks – my 12 yo Ds dress shoes and a backpack- all were on sale at decent prices that i was willing to pay but no extra-ordinary deals except for a pair of Nike sneaks i got my 12 yo ds that were originally 70$ that i got for $17.54 and he really liked them a lot LOL!!!

I told him that if we waited I knew we could find shoes he liked at a price i liked LOL!! Mom is right again LOL!!

My story

My earliest remembrance was that

My earliest remembrance was that of handing my mother a spring beauty Claytonia virginica at age three. I haven’t stopped since. My Ph.D. advisor told me I’ve never had a student like you (and parenthetically added) And I don’t really think I want another. Go Blue! (UofM) My family consists of a wastrel nephew and a black alley cat with kitten (all three bite the hand that feed them). I have one very dear friend (on this list I may add) who means as much to me as life itself. I don’t have a job (I teach college once in a while – that ain’t work) but rather have my life’s work set out before me – I collect plants, most recently in the Sudan for deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies that pay on time. I live in what passes for a house, actually a book depository (maybe 20,000 books and scientific journals – give or take a couple thousand). I have a motto, If you have money – buy books, if you any left over – buy food. My hobby is folklore, I love to talk to old geezers, women from the old country (where ever that is – the old country not on my map) and mountain men. I have lots of friends when there is hay to bale, people to pull out of ditches at 3 AM or identify plants. God has blessed me beyond belief, who could be a true-life Peter Pan and Huck Finn rolled into one.

Why was I on the old list? – I stood in awe of those brave women who conquered these horrendous problems and the sage advice given by fellow frugalites. I loved the sense of community – the coming of to the aid of each other. The list taught me that people do suffer.

Finally a word on the old list! When the closing was announced I couldn’t sleep and was just about ready to unload both barrels at once – I drew back at the simple suggestion of my good friend. I honestly do not think that we knew what this list was. It wasn’t paper towels three rolls for a dollar at the flashing blue light or how do you get cockleburs Xanthium strumarium out of long hair. The old list was more, a whole lot more. It was the place to find refuge from your kids, having grown weary of hearing Well, why can’t I for the hundreth time as they huff and puff cranking their necks like a turkey or solace from the hubby who says, hunney, can you get this transmission fluid out of my Sunday shirt? Our list was a rock, a still point in a crazy spinning world. That’s why it hurt!

We have a wonderful moderator – I like how she beta tested the site, how she tried negotiations up to the end. I know she’ll do a good job.

Does anybody remember the commercial (I think beer) in which a lizard and a frog were commisurating about losing their commercial contract to the ferret. Anyhow, one of the two says, Let it go Louie to which his partner exclaims, But it ain’t fair his response Let it go Louie

My suggestion Let it go guys….Let it go….

PS Remember the final words in O. Henry’s Gift of the Magi. If we have nothing else, at least we have each other. (Err know where O.Henry wrote it? Here in Ohio, at one of our finer institutions yes Ohio State, but only half right, not THE Ohio State University (they are so proud of that THE as though it were the only college in the state) but THE Ohio State Penitentiary.

Let it go Louie…..let it go……

Just news

He is already back

He is already back from helping his friends family. I was pleasantly surprised to see how his thinking went.

The back of our truck is packed. He said that instead of taking it to the transfer station and paying a huge fee he is going to recycle the contents except for the 2 cans of real garbage. He said he will add the garbage to ours- in fact, they can take it next week when we won’t have any since we won’t be here.

I am proud of him and his friends for helping her and am proud of him for saving the money- he is trying to fix the truck starter.

Take care!

Just news

Dave the Botanist

Hey Dave! (said in a Cheech and Chong kinda drawl….)

So glad you found your way over here, I always enjoy your soulful, clever and sometimes irreverent posts!

I too am very grateful to Terri for taking over the moderator job so that we can all still have a home here. (THANKS TERRI!!!!) I do worry about Haley and hope that if anyone has her email address, that they can let her know where we all are. (She went no-mail for the summer) But then again, she may find us since Terri cleverly kept the name close to the original.

Well said- we have each other. We just moved to a new house in the same neighborhood. Dare i call it a frat house with a new house mom? AS long as I have my friends I am okay and still sane. My kids are busy playing cookie monster (the oldest 2) with the oldest boy screaming “let me go!” over and over. The youngest just shakes his head and goes about his business. I have a mystery shop today in a city a couple cities away so we will take advantage of being in that big place and see what the thrift stores have to offer- I am hoping to find tops for the boys for school. This will at least give them a feeling of choice.

DH is helping (along with 2 work buddies) the wife of a friend. The friend is in the hospital- still in serious condition but holding on. He had a brain bleed and it became a clot.

Take care!

Saving plan

I thought I would give a tip

Hi. I have only been on the blog for a few days and have enjoyed reading all of the posts.

I thought I would give a tip that I have been using for the past few years. I call it my yearly savings. What this money is for is all those things that come up during the year that you have to pay. Something like a Christmas Club but more.

Some of the things that I save for are:

Christmas ……………………………………………….500
Pets yearly Shots…………………………………………100
Heartguard (year supply) …………………………………..30
Years supply of disposable contact for daughter ……………..140
Car Tags………………………………………………….25
Car Inspection ……………………………………………40
Daughters Bday …………………………………………..100
Sons Bday………………………………………………..100
Yearly School pics…………………………………………80

Total above $1115

I then take the total amount I need for the year and divide by 12. Which equals $93. (I rounded up) this is the amount that I put into a savings account. And when one of those things on my list come up, I have the money to pay for it already.

My actual yearly savings is higher. I put $222 back every month for these items that I pay throughout the year. It is so nice when the pets shots come due and I already have the money. And no more monthly trips to buy my daughter contacts. I now just get all that she will need for the entire year.

The first year I started doing this was hard. I hate knowing I have money somewhere and can’t touch it. But after doing it for a year I loved it. And I don’t touch this money for ANY REASON! Not even an emergency. Because these things are going to happen even if I have an emergency and if I were to spend it I would be in double trouble.

I hope this tip can help someone. It has been a life saver and it helps me to have peace of mind.


(I am not very good at writing and explaining things. If a sentence sounds strange it’s cause my mind was going to fast and my fingers couldn’t keep up. 😉

Saving plan

Help on Frozen Meals Plan

First, I am so sorry for your loss and for what your family is going through right now. I am new to the blog and have not yet introduced myself, but I love the dynamics of the group. I want to tell you about another list on egroups that might help you in your plan. If you subscribe, you should be able to go to their archives or ask the group any questions you have.

They are a great group. There is also another list called OAMC, but I can’t remember if it’s on egroups or not. I have been a member of both at one time and I own a list for the women at my church. I am 40 with one dd8, Kelly, and have been married to the same fellow for 14 years. I will pray for your family. Blessings!